Anboson successfully moved to zhongkai hi-tech zone, huizhou city, GuangDong province.
2018-04-12 10:06:22

In 2018-04-11, the company further expanded its scale and moved to zhongkai hi-tech zone, HuiZhou city, GuangDong province. Company brand, which is based on company development, can also promote the development of a company. Rapid development of a company can improve its brand profile greatly and it’s same true that higher competitiveness and reputation of company brand remain as a driving force for company development. Such concept, fitting in with market economy as a consequence of market competition, tells us that it’s a kind of attitude constantly struggling with pressure in attempt to improve products quality in every process that all ANBOSO staff should hold dear to build ANBOSON as an excellent brand. We believe greater ability and higher brand lead to more responsibilities and constant pursuit of excellence by all of ANBOSON staff can build ANBOSON as a benchmark brand in the industry.

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