Anboson Group was founded in 2008. We are a professionally managed company. We have 200 employees and an area of 12000 square meters factory in HuiZhou city, Guangdong Province. Our company does research and development, manufacture and sales of medical devices, health technology products and technology innovation product serials:nitrile gloves , infrared thermometer and fingertip pulse oximeter, Medical facial mask ,etc. .In accordance with ISO13485, our quality control system for disposable medical series is established, production process is in conformity with EN13795 and EN14325, Our nitrile gloves have passed EN455/EN374 testing .All products are with CE2777 and medical CE certification, FDA and 510K certifications.

As a main supplier of health care products in China, Anboson has built a loyal reputation on quality, innovation, and service to its customers all over the world. In the future, taking the public health as our goal, Anboson will go on to become a well-known brand factory all over the world and bring healthy management concepts and advanced solutions to thousands of families in China and overseas countries.

Product Story

ANBOSON focused on security products, and then a chance, created the fate of the forehead thermometer.

In 2012, Bill's friend gave him an infrared thermometer of a foreign brand, which was used to measure his body temperature and detect whether he had a fever or a cold. The measurement was very fast and accurate, and the result could be obtained in one second. From then on, Bill was able to keep track of whether his family had a fever or not.

Bill's keen business thinking makes him interested in this kind of medical devices. He believes that this kind of domestic medical devices will definitely have a broad market in China in the future. It can provide great convenience in the early detection, prevention and diagnosis of diseases and relieve people's pain. So, Bill began to seriously study its principle and the production process, the ANBOSON brand forehead thermometer was born.

Think of China "SARS" (severe acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak, spread across the world, everyone infected with this disease, the first is a fever, so the sales of infrared thermometer is extremely hot. This is exactly what Bill predicted: a promising market for home medical devices. Since then, the "ANBOSON" brand has embarked on a new journey step by step.

CEO Speech

The world stopped working suddenly due to the COVID19 outbreak. As a professional medical equipment manufacturer, Anboson spares no effort to battle with the epidemic. Especially Anboson's thermometer and finger pulse oxymeter, have been actively participating in the frontline of the global epidemic.. Anboson won't stop manufacturing even the supply chain is tight now. Virus has no borders, and love has no boundaries. Thank you for supporting Anboson, still we will try our best to against COVID19. Let professional equipment benefit every patient who is battling the epidemic.

In the future , we will make full use of the two means of product management and capital operation to explore the international and domestic markets and to realize the healthy, rational, leapfrog and sustainable development of the company. We will strive to make Anboson technology a leader in China's security industry and a flagship enterprise in the world's security field.

Let us work together to create a harmonious city, and share a better life!

Company Culture

The subject witness integrity
People are not faithful, cannot stand in the world;
A man without a letter does not know what he can do.
Good faith is the spiritual power that promotes enterprise productivity to rise
Good faith is to promote the effective communication between inside and outside the enterprise bridge
Integrity is the cornerstone of the survival and development of enterprises
Good faith is the foundation of the enterprise to obtain the maximum profit.

The wise see mass
Quality is the foundation of enterprise survival!
Anboson always regards quality as life!
The principle of giving priority to prevention and serving users is carried out in every link.
To continue to improve and meet customer requirements for the purpose;
Continuous improvement, strive for the company's maximum development and benefits, to lay the foundation for the pursuit of perfection
Quality policy: to quality for survival, brand, tree image, figure development.

The mass is the subjects
There's a brand called quality,
There is an image called honesty,
Pass on our ideas in production,
Let us salute the quality.
Brand name engraved on our name,
Let's hold on to our credibility.
Let's pay tribute to honesty.
Intelligence exchange quality,
Honesty and sincerity,
We are united.
Anboson lives forever in the wind and rain

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