A rapid measurement of the infrared thermometer on line!
2018-04-12 10:10:18

Recently, all over the country resumed work one after another, and the epidemic situation gradually improved, but 0 new ≠0 infections.
The virus has not been defeated, and the medical staff are still fighting on the front line. The 120 trillion cells in our bodies are engaged in the battle between viruses and cells every minute of every day.The thermometer is certainly one of our lines of defense in this battle.
The thermometer is measured by infrared ray, and the forehead temperature is reflected back from the forehead surface by infrared ray, which is compared with the corresponding table of spectral temperature, so as to get the accurate temperature value.
Compare a traditional thermometer with an infrared thermometer.

Schematic diagram of a traditional thermometer:


Schematic diagram of infrared temperature gun:
Comparing the two pictures, the advantages of the thermometer are clear:
Forehead temperature in the forehead temperature collection is convenient and simple, quick, generally a few seconds of measurement time is enough, and quite accurate.

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